The BoyRaiser Tribe


I have the amazing privilege of managing a wonderful community called “The BoyRaiser Tribe“.  The BoyRaiser Tribe is a ministry of The MOB Society, where moms are taught and equipped to make prayer a priority in the raising of their sons.  We are convinced that prayer is the most important, most overlooked part of Christian parenting today. It is our mission to change that!

Be sure and check out the BoyRaiser Tribe! When we gather in community we will be encouraged and empowered to do the most important thing we can do as a parent–Pray for our children.

To learn more about the power of community you can view the following video:




MOB LIVE! with Gina Smith

Be honest, mom…How many times since you brought those blue or pink bundles home from the hospital have you just wanted to quit trying?How many times have you caught yourself thinking about what a failure you are?How your one big mess-up will probably land that little person straight in the counseling chair?Me too.It was during a phone call with a friend that I finally decided I might not be the only mom with these kinds of issues.* In ONE conversation I knew I'd met another human being who understood.* That ONE phone call inspired me to step out from behind the curtains of my life, where I was trying to hide how hard it really was, and into the light.* ONE simple phone call empowered me to connect with other mothers of boys and tell my truth…because I suddenly knew that if I felt alone and desperate in my mothering, there had to be other moms who felt the same way.Join me (Brooke McGlothlin) and Home with the Boys (Erin Mohring) NOW as we interview BoyRaiser Tribe Manager, Gina Smith about the power of community to drastically change our lives and keep the enemy from beating us down.

Posted by The MOB Society on Tuesday, November 7, 2017