The Key To Successful Parenting

Being a parent is the most wonderful, scary, exciting, heart wrenching, incredible, frustrating experience I have ever encountered. You move from one season to the next hoping it will get easier, yet finding that although there is change, mothering will never, ever be easy. As the seasons pass, you wonder: will they ever eat solid […]

Is There Grace For This Season?

The second you are born you are immersed, ankle deep, in the vast ocean of God’s grace. It is a beautiful common grace that we all experience. The ability to enjoy the gifts that God has lavished on sinful men—fresh spring days, a soft rain, a kiss from a loved one, the smell of hamburgers grilling, a warm shower, the ability to forgive…and […]

Who Needs Him Most?

“Become a Christian counselor and bring Christ to those who need Him most!”  That’s what the advertisement said. Under the add was  a picture of  a man. He was dirty and dressed in rags. As I stared at the add, the thought came to me: “…to those who need him most? As if some need […]

The Gift Of A Terrible Two

Brianna was only two years old and I was so proud of my girl. She was the kind of toddler that did everything right. She never yelled, “NO!”, She obeyed quickly. She was a happy little girl who wanted to please those around her, and she loved everyone. I decided that it was because I […]

The Worship Service

People slowly make their way into the church sanctuary and find a place to sit. Sleepy babies are dropped off safely in the care of waiting nursery workers. The pastor makes his final adjustments to his sermon, the worship leader tunes his guitar,  people eagerly greet each other as they make room for their family […]