Hi! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! You are not here by chance — I believe that God led you here! Out of all the blogs and websites that you could be visiting right now, you have chosen to stop here. I pray you will find something that will point you to God and help you in your journey.

My name is Gina. I have been married for almost 30 years and I have two grown children.  Being a wife and mom have been my greatest joy in life.  After that comes opening my home to whoever God brings our way, serving lots and lots of coffee, meeting with and nurturing relationships with whoever God chooses to put in my life, talking about God, His Word, and about how He is working , taking lots and lots of pictures of my family and our life together, and writing/blogging.

The first part of my life was spent in Oslo, Norway, and the rest in Winchester, Virginia. After graduating from high school,  and working full-time for a couple of years, I headed off to a Bible College near Washington D.C. with hopes of eventually going into full-time ministry.

I was  22 years old when I met my husband. Having been called to full time ministry, Brian began attending the seminary that was located on the same campus where I was attending Bible College. When we met, I was immediately drawn to Brian, but I was dating someone else and Brian made it very clear that he was there to study…NOT date! I had dreamed of the kind of man I would like to marry, but never thought that a man with the qualities that I longed for would ever take a second look at me! Almost two months after we met, Brian asked me if I would pray about whether or not we should begin dating. Two years later we were married!

Our marriage has been far from perfect because we are not perfect people, but God’s grace has carried us and we are continuing to grow and learn together. Our prayer is that God will give us opportunities to point other couples to Christ as we share the things that God has done in us during our marriage.

It is a privilege to be married to a man who has stayed faithful to his God, and to me, for 30 years! Sometimes I STILL have a hard time believing that a man with his qualities ever took a second look at me!

For the past 20+ years my husband and I served on a Christian college campus as the on campus parents, and my husband has been a college professor and dean of students. He is also an athletic trainer (sports medicine)  and trains the Washington DC, professional Ultimate Frisbee team, the DC Breeze.  We have lived on campus and have homeschooled and raised both of our children here.

I have been gifted two amazing children!  Let me introduce you to them!

Brianna, age 27, is my first born! She is a sweet, sensitive, perfectionist, and is my very dearest girlfriend.

She graduated from college with a degree in Biblical Studies, and has been working at an engineering company for the past 3 years, where she met her soon to be husband Dani!  They will be married in June 2018.

 Caleb, age 24, is my second born. He is a sensitive, bold, strong-willed young man, one of my dearest friends, and he makes me laugh more than anyone else I know!  He is finishing his degree in Strength and Conditioning and works full-time while going to school.

 When he isn’t studying or working out, you will find him spending time with his girlfriend of 3 years, Nicole, whom we adore!

Being a mom has been the most amazing, incredible, terrifying, exhausting thing that has ever happened to me! As much as I love being a mom, it has also been a tool that God has used to bring me to my knees and show me how much I need Him!It is my greatest gift and privilege being a part of this little family that God has given me. I try to soak up every second I can with them. I am pretty sure my children have taught me much more than I will ever teach them! 

I am the author of “Grace Gifts: Celebrating Your Children Every Day“, and have had the privilege of writing for several websites over the past 10+ years. I love to write!  It helps me to process the things I am thinking about and learning. It forces me to make sure I am thinking correctly and backing everything I can up with God’s word. Ultimately, I want to turn your attention away from me and onto Jesus, the gospel, and God’s amazing, amazing grace. For there is where your answers, strength, and hope lie- no matter what season you are in!