Category: What’s the Church to Do?

What Do Urban Christianity And Conservative Christianity Have In Common?

They walk into the brand new “state of the art” gymnasium. Urban Christianity meets Conservative  Christianity.  I sit in the bleachers and observe and listen. I hear some comments. (“Here comes that team from D.C. They are so weird!”) I see the looks. “Hmmmmm…” I […]

Dear Millennial Friend

Dear Millennial Friend, I have heard that you are frustrated because my generation doesn’t seem to be available.  I am so sorry that it appears that we are not interested. Maybe it is time that we got to know each other a little bit. Let […]

How Can I Connect With A Millennial?

“The older generation doesn’t know how to be transparent!” he said. “We just want them to be honest and transparent. We don’t want to be ‘taught’ all the time!”  I listened as my younger friend expressed his frustration with the older generation. Feelings of frustration grew […]

When You Expect More From The Church

You walk into the church and quietly find a place to sit. You purpose not to make eye contact with anyone because you really don’t want to make meaningless small talk, nor do you want to get into any kind of in depth conversation. You […]

What Are We Gonna Do About Those Stinking Millennials?

Imagine a group gathered for fellowship, comprised of 9 Millennials, 5 baby boomers, and 2 toddlers! How affective do you think their time would be? Is it possible to gather this generationally diverse group together and actually have genuine, transparent sharing and fellowship? I’m here to […]

Give Your Life Away: Landmark Moments And My Vow To Never Forget

There are moments in my life that I consider to be “landmark moments”: impactful experiences that I vowed never to forget, that would drive me to specific resolutions.  I vowed I would do whatever it took to have a  peaceful home when I had a family. I vowed […]