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Give Your Life Away: Landmark Moments And My Vow To Never Forget

There are moments in my life that I consider to be “landmark moments”: impactful experiences that I vowed never to forget, that would drive me to specific resolutions.  I vowed I would do whatever it took to have a  peaceful home when I had a family. I vowed that I would encourage my children and tell them I loved them every single day....Read More

Give Your Life Away: Live. Breathe. Mentor.

I was an overwhelmed mom with young children and was desperately in need of prayer and encouragement. It had been a particularly difficult week, and I was feeling alone and weary. After church I walked up to a woman whose children were grown, and asked if I could talk with her for a moment. Fighting back tears my shaky voice emerged....Read More

We Just Don’t Have Anything In Common Anymore

"We just don't have anything in common anymore, Gina..." I was stunned. I stared at the message and tried to process its meaning. We don't have anything in common? What does she mean? We are both members of the body of Christ, seeking to follow Him, and yet we have nothing in common? As it continued to sink in, I...Read More

Who Needs Him Most?

"Become a Christian counselor and bring Christ to those who need Him most!"  That's what the advertisement said. Under the add was  a picture of  a man. He was dirty and dressed in rags. As I stared at the add, the thought came to me: " those who need him most? As if some need Him more than others?" At...Read More
Where Are All The Titus Two Women?

Where Are All The Titus Two Women?

Have you ever looked around and asked yourself the question, "Where are all the Titus Two Women?!"  As I look back over the years, I remember that there were times when I asked myself that very question - seasons  when I longed to have someone older come along side  to encourage and teach me. Over the past couple of years,...Read More

Caring For Those Who Are Facing Difficult Seasons

No matter who you are, if you are a God follower, His love can flow through you into the lives of others.  We should be ready to give of ourselves and pour into the lives of those who are struggling, meeting needs and caring for them both physically and spiritually. Because we are called to care for each other spiritually...Read More

Friendship Lost – Rejoicing After the Storm

Friendship lost. The consequences of thinking I was needed, that I could make a difference, that I could make an impact, and not heeding cautions given. The storm settles and there is a calm in the learning. Seeing clearly. Finally seeing clearly. The sky is bluer and the rain made things greener. Richer. Brighter.  I rejoice that the storm is over...Read More

Does God Really Use Blogging?

I often wonder what in the world I was thinking when I started blogging. I see how many blogs there are out there for women, most of them written by young moms in the thick of parenting young children. There doesn't seem to be many "older women" voices out there in the blog-sphere, and honestly, I'm not so sure many...Read More

Mentoring – Can It Be Accomplished Online?

"The most effective mentoring is accomplished when one lives a life that is worthy of emulating." “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”1 Corinthians 11: 1 Love, respect, and cherish your husband well. Love, respect, and cherish your children well. Work to make the space you've been given into a home, and welcome people in even when it...Read More

The Hardest Thing About Ministry

"Mom, sometimes it feels like we've been used or taken advantage of.  We were here when they needed us. We helped them, cared for them, and then they left. It's like they don't need us anymore..." My daughter and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking about our 20 plus years spent in ministry when she looked me square...Read More

A Tea Party With Sylvie

She walks through the door with a smile on her face. "I got a hair cut and a treat!" She says as she makes her way across the room. She climbs up onto the big red couch, pulls her shoes and socks off her little feet,  slides down from the couch, and runs to the kitchen.  "Let's have a tea...Read More

I Was Never A Baptist

We were at a wedding reception. The music began and the dancing broke out. It was a time of celebration and everyone was having a good time.  My husband and I stood off to the side, sipping punch and talking to people we knew.  A young man, urging my husband to get out on the dance floor, blurted out, "Come...Read More