Who Needs Him Most?

“Become a Christian counselor and bring Christ to those who need Him most!”  That’s what the advertisement said. Under the add was  a picture of  a man. He was dirty and dressed in rags. As I stared at the add, the thought came to me: “…to those who need him most? As if some need […]

God’s Artwork

Legalism. Rigid. Rules. Everyone looks the same. Little diversity. Working. Working. Striving. Criticizing. Do things the way we do them. Don’t do things differently. We know what is best.  Old is best…No…new is better. Structure. Rules. Do’s and don’ts. Everything is in black and white. Open wide the curtains and swing the windows open wide. Let […]

Made In Mexico

You never really know what people are going through, unless you take the time to probe. To listen and befriend.  Behind the carefully ironed outfits, the smiles that say, “I’m fine, thank you“, behind the snapshots of a family celebration on instagram.  You never really know. I think it’s safe to assume that everyone that […]