Midlife Crisis Is A Myth!

I have officially entered the season that is referred to as “mid life”. It took me awhile to realize that I was in this season. It doesn’t feel like I should be here. I always thought that when I entered this season, I’d be much wiser than I actually am.  I would be confident in […]

His Dreams

So many hopes and dreams. They started as small seeds planted. Anticipating. Dreaming. Praying…almost losing hope. Now I am older and they are still there…those dreams. Yes. They are still there. Some have come to fruition, some are in process.Confusion sometimes enters in, then the dreams seem distorted and out of place. A storm swirling, […]

We Will Meet You There!

My MIL passed away. I was planning on writing a post about how she impacted my life, my children’s lives, and how the kind of mom she was impacted my husband. I was going to share about how my family has benefited from the kind of mom she was. I wanted to encourage all moms […]