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How Can I Emulate The Life Of Jesus In My Season Of Motherhood?

It was a cool fall afternoon. A precious friend had taken time out of her busy schedule to stop by for a visit. It was a refreshing break from our daily responsibilities to relax, drink coffee, and talk. She is the mother of 3 children, ages 7 and under. I listened as she honestly shared about the challenges she faces...Read More

I Love You and I Like You!

There is a person in my life who can make me laugh more than anyone else I know - that person is my son. He has always had a wonderful sense of humor. He lives life outside of the box, is comfortable in his own skin, and refuses to conform to what others say he should be. I love that...Read More

Will Complementing Your Children Make Them Prideful?

She was a tall, thin woman in her mid 20's. Her dark eyes were complimented by her long, dark, naturally curly hair that spilled loosely around her shoulders. I was sitting next to her mother when the young woman arrived to pick up her toddler. She hesitantly walked over to where we were. The two women exchanged a brief, strained conversation,...Read More
Ahhhh! Triumph! The Waiting Room Of Prayer

Ahhhh! Triumph! The Waiting Room Of Prayer

The setting is a quiet waiting room. Sitting in a hard plastic chair, I patiently wait for my turn to be seen by the doctor. Listening intently for my name to be called, I am surrounded by people who are reading magazines, watching the news, or staring at thier phones. Suddenly an elderly woman, her white hair pulled back in a...Read More

When A Mother’s Love Is Not Enough

It was a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. As I made my way up and down the aisles in the grocery story, my wandering thoughts went home to be with one of my children who was hurting. Passing the Valentine’s Day candy, I was reminded of the days when my children were young and they could be cheered up with...Read More

When Time Seems To Stand Still

It's late in the afternoon and I am busily preparing dinner.  The kitchen window is open. We've been given a spring-like day in the middle of winter and the fresh air has filled the room, pleasantly  mixing  with the aroma of  dinner cooking in the oven.  Breaded chicken breast smothered in tangy Italian sauce and Mozzarella cheese.  Warm rolls.  Steamed...Read More

Help! She’s Noticing Boys!

Do you have young children? Are you fearful of what might happen as those precious children grow older and start showing interest in the opposite sex?  If so, you are not alone! I remember my own fear, wondering how my family would maneuver those years. Now, as I find myself walking alongside two young adult children, I am finding it to be more enjoyable...Read More

All I Want Is A Perfect Family!

Do you ever find yourself looking around at other families and thinking that they have it all together?  When my children were young, I put myself under a lot of pressure comparing my family to others, and looking at what appeared to be the ideal standard.  I remember looking at homeschooling magazines and seeing all the pictures of children sitting at the...Read More

Please Stop Telling Me To Enjoy My Children!

Today's generation of young moms have given each other a wonderful gift that my generation did not seem to be able to offer each other quite as generously. They have given each other the freedom to be brutally honest about motherhood. This gift is creating a bond and a support system among young women. There is a sense of grace...Read More

The Key To Successful Parenting

Being a parent is the most wonderful, scary, exciting, heart wrenching, incredible, frustrating experience I have ever encountered. You move from one season to the next hoping it will get easier, yet finding that although there is change, mothering will never, ever be easy. As the seasons pass, you wonder: will they ever eat solid food, be potty trained, stop...Read More

To Work or Not to Work? What’s A Young Mom To Do?

"In verse 5 of Titus 2, the older woman is told to admonish, which means to teach, train, and encourage. In context it is implied that this was a process of teaching, encouraging, training, and holding the younger women to a standard that was unfamiliar to them and yet important for the success of their marriages and families. The phrase...Read More