Tuned In at Panera

She was about four years old. She stood in front of me waiting for her food. Grabbing her mom around her neck, she hugged her and said, “Mommy, when I grow up I’m going to cook for you!” Then she stood there tugging on the back of her pants. Her mom ignored her. I wonder […]


Windy. Cold. Rain. Hair blown and messy.  I run from the car to the front door.  Scramble to find my keys.  Juggling grocery bags and fresh flowers. I fling the door open. Happy to be out of the rain…Happy to be home. I am greeted by smells of coffee brewing. (There is ALWAYS coffee brewing!) I see books […]

Mom Entitlement

“Happy Birthday, Mom!” They yell on their way out the door. “Happy Birthday, Babe!” He says as he leaves for work. The front door slams shut. Quiet. I groan and roll over. Groggy, I climb out of the bed. It’s my birthday. They let me “sleep” in. That was my present.  I got to stay […]