Celebrate Your Children?

Are you being a help or a hindrance in your child’s personal faith journey?  I can’t image that any parent would purposely be a hindrance. We all want what is best for our children, and have in mind what we think is the best way to accomplish all we want for them.  Unfortunately, if we […]

The Key To Successful Parenting

Being a parent is the most wonderful, scary, exciting, heart wrenching, incredible, frustrating experience I have ever encountered. You move from one season to the next hoping it will get easier, yet finding that although there is change, mothering will never, ever be easy. As the seasons pass, you wonder: will they ever eat solid […]

The Gift Of A Terrible Two

Brianna was only two years old and I was so proud of my girl. She was the kind of toddler that did everything right. She never yelled, “NO!”, She obeyed quickly. She was a happy little girl who wanted to please those around her, and she loved everyone. I decided that it was because I […]

Don’t Waste Your Motherhood

It was a cool, fall afternoon. A precious friend had taken time out of her busy schedule to stop by for a visit. It was a refreshing break from our daily responsibilities to relax, drink coffee, and talk. She is the mother of 3 children, ages 7 and under. I listened as she honestly shared […]

Have You Seen God?

A few years ago I worked in the toddler Sunday School class.  One Sunday around Christmas time, after teaching the class, I was struck by how evident it was that these little people have parents who were very obviously taking time to invest in their children.  Even at their young ages, there was fruit that […]