Have You Seen God?

A few years ago I worked in the toddler Sunday School class.  One Sunday around Christmas time, after teaching the class, I was struck by how evident it was that these little people have parents who were very obviously taking time to invest in their children.  Even at their young ages, there was fruit that […]

Midlife Crisis Is A Myth!

I have officially entered the season that is referred to as “mid life”. It took me awhile to realize that I was in this season. It doesn’t feel like I should be here. I always thought that when I entered this season, I’d be much wiser than I actually am.  I would be confident in […]

Live Simply. Bless Others.

The setting is our kitchen table. Across from us sits a well dressed financial advisor. He is surrounded by stacks of  crisp white paper, official looking documents, and spiral bound booklets that are going to help us to put our budget in order and plan for our future.  All of the financial decisions that we […]