What is 25 Days of Grace?

Are you being a help or a hindrance in your child’s personal faith journey?  I can’t imagine that any parent would purposely be a hindrance. We all want what is best for our children and have in mind what we think is the best way to accomplish all we want for them. Unfortunately, if we aren’t careful, we can actually be a hindrance and not even realize it. I don’t want that, I know you don’t either! So what’s a mom to do?

Take the time to reflect on how God parents you and then turn around and do the same for your children!  That’s how! And how does God parent you? By lavishing you with grace. From the moment you are conceived to the very end of your life, you are showered with grace from your heavenly Father. He draws you to Himself, makes you His child, and carries you through each day.  As a parent, we can purpose to stay connected to our Source of grace, and then we can be a channel by which God’s grace is shown.

“We have the amazing privilege of being the very first people who will live out and introduce the gospel of Grace to our children!”

Join me as I share the things that God has taught, and continues to so graciously teach, my husband and I about parenting with grace. This will not be another “to do” list for you to follow or another list of standards for you to try and measure up to. It is also not just another “grace based” parenting program.  My goal is is to encourage you away from rules and lists–and the striving and fear that go with them–and instead free you up to be encouraged to relax, to enjoy your children, to learn how to see them as the amazing individuals God made them to be, AND to give you practical, hands on ways that you can parent your children with grace.

This journey is based on my book: Grace Gifts: Celebrating Your Children Every Day.

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