Joy! Pure JOY! Great JOY! Nothing But JOY! 

The word that I have adopted to be “my word” is the word “JOY!” Not the word that you see creatively painted on trendy wooden signs in cute little gift shops — the ones that say “choose joy“. MY word is another joy. It’s the joy found in James 1:2:

“Count it (Consider it to be) all JOY! when you meet trials of various kinds, because we know…”

What do we know? What does James tell us?

“We know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance…”

I can choose joy – count it all joy – even though so much of life is hard, because I know that all of the hard stuff is teaching me how to persevere. It is strengthening my faith. I am growing in my capacity to endure.  If I am going to face trials, than at least  I can rest in knowing that there is something good that is happening as a result of those trials.

I can count it all joy — one day at a time. Persevering. Growing. Persevering. Growing.

  • True joy is found only in Him and in the knowledge of what He is doing in me one hard day at a time.
  • His GRACE has opened my eyes to this bigger picture and purpose.
  • Focusing on this purpose each day is a choice that I must make.

As I continue to age, and my body breaks down and gets weaker, there is something that will continue to  grow in strength. Something that will carry me until my last day on this earth. My faith. But that will only happen if I choose to persevere and consider all of the hardships in this life something to be joyful about!

Counting it (considering it to be) pure JOY! – great JOY! – nothing but JOY!