Every Christian Family is a Miracle!

God has been opening my eyes and giving me a greater understanding of what it means to bring Him glory. I have been struck over and over again by the fact that it should dominate every area of my life:

My first priority and highest calling is to bring glory to God. I should be pointing others to God and the gospel in all that I do. That is what I am here for!

Recently God enlightened me a little bit more as I was reading through a book about biblical hospitality. The author was talking about showing hospitality. She shared about how we should draw people in,  that we should love them, and that we should look for ways in which we can serve them. Then she said, “Every Christian family is a miracle…” That wasn’t even necessarily the theme of the chapter, but it is what jumped off the page! It is too easy to lose sight of the miracle of The Gospel in our lives. It truly is a miracle of God when anyone responds to God drawing them to Himself.


  • The regeneration of just one soul is a miracle.
  • When two people who have been saved by grace get married and God enables them, as they seek Him, to be be faithful and to walk out their marriage in a way that exalts God and is a picture of how Christ loves the church, it is a miracle!
  • When children are born and their parents throw themselves at the feet of God, trust Him with their children, and rely on His help and strength to discipline and raise them. When they teach them the truths of God’s word and those truths are lived out in the home. It is a miracle!
  • When children, who are drawn by the spirit are saved by grace,  choose to honor their parents and obey God when everything around them is in rebellion. God is seen. God is glorified. It is a miracle!

I’m not talking about a church going family or a religious family. I’m talking about a CHRISTIAN family. A family of Christ followers. A family who, although not perfect, is authentic. This is truly a miracle that only God can do. And when it is seen and people are drawn in, they are able to see Christ at work in a home and it changes lives. God changes lives and draws people to himself through His work in Christian families.

The Christian home: A place where Christ should be seen, the Gospel should be lived, and God should be glorified! I pray that this miracle will be evident in my home.