Life Goals

To be more preoccupied with my internal beauty than I am on any physical beauty that is fading quickly.

To be captivated and controlled – heart, mind, and spirit – by the Holy Spirit.

To put my hope in God and His promises rather than any human authority or leader.

To be authentically and aggressively compassionate.

To offer encouragement, hope, and counsel based on God and His Word.

To be filled with grace, yet bold and direct.

To be fearless as I move ahead in my God given callings.

To unashamedly use the unique giftings, personality, style, and possessions that God has gifted me.

To be uncompromisingly wise and discerning.

To love my husband and children well.

To love all who cross my path well.

To never withhold the gift of laughter.

To live one day at a time – in light of eternity.