Speeding Tickets And God’s Grace

Just a few weeks ago my 23 year old, passionate, impulsive, free spirited, deep thinking, dare-taking son received something in the mail that did NOT make his day.

He got his 3rd speeding ticket within a 2 week period.

I had to almost literally clamp my hand over my mouth so that I wouldn’t give him the “you know you could kill yourself or someone else, if you do this one more time I’m taking the car and you can walk to work, you drive like a maniac” lecture! I know that at this point in his life that particular lecture would not be helpful.

What I did tell him was that maybe he can see these 3 speeding tickets as evidence of how much he is loved, and that these tickets are God pouring out His grace and warning him to be more careful with his driving so that he, someone he loves, or someone he doesn’t even know doesn’t get hurt in an accident.

It’s on days like this that I am reminded that God really did hand pick me for the 2 kids that he gifted me. My son and I are so much alike that it brings me to my knees! God gives me insight into my son as I spend time before Him asking Him to show me my heart, pleading for Him to continue to change it, and thanking him for the work he has already done in it!

I read this quote recently,  “The person God made me is perfectly suited for my children. I’m the best mom for them. I am especially the best mom for them as I lean deep into the Word of God and draw upon his strength for long days. They need me to need him as I walk alongside them. I am the mom he wants to disciple them. I am the mom who their hearts bend toward. He has made it so. This plan? God says it is good. It has a purpose. It will lead to a future with hope.”

I am the mom God wanted to disciple my son when he was young. I am the mom who his heart is bent toward. God has made it so. I am the mom God wants to walk along side my son, without judgement, as he learns to tame his God given personality in the same way I have had to learn to tame my personality.

Both of us need to lean deep into the Word of God and draw upon his strength each day. What a privilege it is to now walk along side my grown son and remind him of truth.

Infact, I think I will text him right now and tell him what a privilege it is to be his mom!