Self-Supremacist or Christ-Supremacist?

Whose fault is it – The President, politician, reporter, social media, our culture, white people, African Americans?  Would things be different if we had a different president?  I’m appalled.  You’re appalled.  We vent on Facebook about how sad it is and how ignorant people are.  We are saddened. Scared. Angry – and maybe a bit self-righteous?

Look in the mirror.

I have a question for you – and be honest, okay?

  • Have you ever passed someone on the street, in the grocery store – in your church – who looked different than you do?  When your paths crossed, did you look at them and quickly divert you eyes to look somewhere else? Did you have a thought or an attitude that would be considered “racist”? A thought that was critical, unloving, and instantly placed you in a higher place than the other person because of how they look, walk,  talk, what they believe,  because of where they are from,  or because they are a different color than you?

Have you? I have.

What we are seeing take place in our country – the racism,  riots, rallies, and violence – all of it is actually an extreme example of what we all have present in our hearts.  All of us.  The pride, hate, and ignorance is present in every one of us.  Oh sure, you may bring the thoughts captive, speak truth to yourself, remind yourself that everyone is equal in God’s sight.

But we have to remind ourselves!  Self-righteousness is present in all of us. It’s there.

White Supremacist? That may not be you. But take the time to evaluate your heart. What group of people do you think is better than another group?  Maybe it’s never left your heart or thoughts, never been verbalized publicly. Or maybe it has, but you’ve never held a rally or waved a sign that says, “YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US!”; and you’ve never run your car into a crowd of people that don’t agree with you…but it’s there.

In any self-righteous heart attitude that looks down on another, you reveal yourself to be a Self-Supremacist.

“This is the newly-adopted mantra of the “White Supremacist” movement… “YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US”!  Oh, the richness of soteriological irony: as one with European DNA, my only hope in life and death is knowing that, when I stand before the throne of judgement, indeed I have been replaced by the One who chose to come down to Earth as a Middle-Eastern Jewish man! JESUS is the Only One who can claim the title of Supreme. Through His broken and bloodied BROWN flesh, He has redeemed for Himself a people-made up from many nations and languages, followers living under the banner over all creation = “CHRIST IS SUPREME!” (Col. 1:15-20) 

We are the “Christ-Supremacists”!  We do not carry torches that bring only more darkness; instead, we are the torch-bearers of The Light that is life to all men. (John 1:1-4)  Our identity is no longer in our own ethnicity, but now securely resides in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We bow underneath the tearful prayer, “You Must Replace Us“!” ~Annie Locke

Oh Father! Please forgive me for the part I play – even if it’s just a heart attitude – in this crazy mess we find ourselves in. Please change my heart that it may be completely free from any unkind, unloving, critical, prideful, self-righteous,  and – yes – even racist thoughts or attitudes that may be present.  My identity is no longer in anything but the person and work of Jesus Christ. I bow beneath the tearful prayer, “You Must Replace Me!”

He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30