15 Things That A Young Mom Can Learn From A Seasoned Mom

1. There is rarely a time when a mom feels like she knows what she is doing as a parent.

2. There will never be a time that a mom won’t need to ask God for wisdom.

3. The older we get the more clearly we see that we really don’t know very much.

4. When older people say, “The season of having small children passes so quickly!” —  they are right.

5. God’s grace really does carry you.

6. It is God  – not a parent – who does a work in the heart’s of our children.

7. The hard, sacrificial, giving part of mothering never really ends.

8. The sacrifice of pouring into your children, putting aside your own interests, and having a simple standard of living so that you can raise your children, is very temporary and is worth it.

9.  There is no house, car, item of clothing, or vacation that is more important or  more valuable than the value of having sacrificially invested in your family.

10. Once you become a mom, there never really is a season when you sleep as well as before you had children.

11. The stretch marks, few extra pounds, and the wear and tear on your body pales in comparison to what it feels like when your grown children become your dear friends.

12. The occasional loneliness, sleepless nights, stress, and tears really do draw you closer to God–if you choose to rely on Him.

13. Taking the time to nurture your relationship with your husband will make a difference in how you approach the empty nest, and will impact how your children view marriage.

14. Occasionally allowing your children to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, to stay up past their bedtime,  or to have 2 servings of dessert will not ruin them for life, but will create some fun memories that you will reflect on later.

15. Asking for forgiveness when you fail your children really will make an impact on them and will teach them how to ask for forgiveness.