Tuned In at Panera

She was about four years old. She stood in front of me waiting for her food. Grabbing her mom around her neck, she hugged her and said, “Mommy, when I grow up I’m going to cook for you!” Then she stood there tugging on the back of her pants. Her mom ignored her.

I wonder how many of those sweet comments went unnoticed by me when I was a young mom. Tired, busy, thinking about what I had to get done that night…or that week. And I glance over at my own daughter, now in her 20’s, who is waiting for me at a table. I remember her at age four. Talking nonstop about everything that entered her mind, and how my brain would grow tired.

Sometimes I would hear her voice, but I’d tune out her words.  Just like the mom in front of me in line.

And I wish she would look at her girl and answer her. I wish she would tell her, “I would love for you to cook for me when you grow up. I would love it!”  I wish she was tuned in. I wish I could tell her…

I pay for two cups of tea and sit down next to my grown daughter. I’m thankful she is still talking to me about everything.  And I purpose to tune in.

To hear her voice as well as her words.