Does God Really Use Blogging?

I often wonder what in the world I was thinking when I started blogging. I see how many blogs there are out there for women, most of them written by young moms in the thick of parenting young children. There doesn’t seem to be many “older women” voices out there in the blog-sphere, and honestly, I’m not so sure many would follow them if they were there. There is community among young women and it can appear as though there doesn’t seem to be much room for the older generation. I have thought of quitting several times, but then God has brought along an opportunity to write, or someone has encouraged me to keep it up.

I believe that the Internet can be one of many helpful tools, and it can be used for far reaching ministry (although it should never, ever replace real life). Women are looking for answers, and it’s easy to turn on a computer and type in a few words, push “enter,” and find those answers.

Just today I had people visit my website who are from the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Singapore. That is amazing! I would never, ever be able to reach out in that way if it weren’t for the Internet.

Occasionally I will receive an email that leaves me in awe of all God is doing. There is so much we just don’t see! Here is an e-mail I received recently:

“Dear Gina, 

Two months ago my sister came home from the Army to visit. I had known something was off with her for some time. She is not a believer. She looked horrible when she was here. I had your blog up on my kitchen table and it was the day that you shared about depression. 

She started reading through your blog and then went back to Texas (I live in Florida). She had sent me a text asking me to forward the link of the blog that I had up that day. Through a series of events, she is now in an inpatient rehab for drug abuse and depression. I talked to her today and she revealed that God spoke to her through your blogs and she knows the only way she can cope is with God. She is 30 days sober today. 

I had to share with you. Keep on keeping on my dear sister in Jesus. You saved my sister’s mortal life. She is seeking Jesus because of your transparency.” 

God has led me to share as He brings things to mind, and then I leave the results to Him. He has led me to share in a very transparent manner, and to “Boast in my weakness…!” He has taken a very normal, weak, needful, “older” woman, and has allowed her to share her life with others. And for some reason He is choosing to use it!

God is amazing, isn’t He? I know He doesn’t really need me to accomplish His purposes, but for some reason He chooses to. I am so very grateful!