This Is What 29 Years Of Marriage Looks Like!

Good bye. Have a good day.” He whispers. I roll over and curl up, pulling the soft quilt up right under my chin. “Be careful. I need you!” I say. He kisses my forehead. “I need you too!” He says. And he’s gone. It’s the same every day. He is my constant. He is my best friend. Loyal. Devoted. Hardworking. He has never wavered in his love for me. Ever

God knew what He was doing when He put us together over 27 years ago.  Oh, my 24 year old self thought I loved him. And I did in my own way. I knew he was a good man, but I had no idea what was ahead and how much I would need him. I had no idea how much he would teach me by his quiet example.  His patience. His steady, consistent love and commitment…to me and to God.

He has won me over—again and again and again. His stability has tamed my passionate intensity, and has brought balance to my life. His self discipline has helped to calm my out of control spontaneity. He has taught me how to respond to life’s circumstances instead of reacting to life’s circumstances. He has led me in every way…as a parent, in our life’s calling, in our relationships.  He has led. And yet, he has freed me to be me. He laughs when I laugh. He smiles when I wink at him from across the room. And he loves when I push aside his books, sit on his lap, and wrap my arms around his neck.  We help each other. We need each other.

I see my flaws. The wrinkles. The once youthful body that is now aging.  He says, “I find maturity in a woman very attractive!”  

I see my short comings.  That I  hang on too long and get too involved… He says, “I love your heart for people.  It makes me love you more!” 

I feel like I am not growing. I get discouraged by my failure. He says, “I love your heart for God. I’m so thankful for you!”

He does laundry. Cleans dishes. Cleans toilets. Makes our bed. Brings me coffee. And still likes to hold my hand.

He is the man that God gave me. And the more I see, the more I realize how very blessed I am.

And how much I need him!

“I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me!”  Psalm 13:6