Something Happens When You Become a Mom

I will sing to the LORD, because he has dealt bountifully with me.” Psalm 13:6

This generation of moms has given each other the gift of allowing each other to be transparent…to be brutally honest about the hard things in life that they are facing. For whatever reason, I don’t think my generation was able to offer that as freely.

Add to this transparency the fact that we now have access to social media, blogs, cell phones, etc., and we find that there is no lack for places to go when we are feeling weary, overwhelmed, and left wondering what in the world we should do in the season of motherhood we find ourselves in. This can be used for good, and I’m sure that it has helped many young moms through some very rough days.

On the other hand, there are times I wonder if there might be a down side to this easy access…and if we might be focusing too much on how hard it is to be a mom. Is it time to adjust our perspective?

No matter what season of life we are in, being a mom can be wearing. It’s easy to lose our perspective amidst all the emotional and physical demands of motherhood. My prayer is that God would regularly open my eyes to the bigger picture of motherhood, amidst all the hard parts, and that I would focus more on how much it has added to my life than on how hard it is.

Here are some things that God has reminded me about what it really means to be a mom!

10 Things That Happen When You Become a Mom

  1. You gain a very important life role. You are given the privilege of helping to shape a generation. You are handed an opportunity to break unhealthy patterns that may have been present in your own childhood, and to help your children become capable, loving, individuals whom God will use .
  2. You enter into an amazing, full-on sensory experience. There’s nothing like the feel and smell of a newborn, like the sound of an infant learning to laugh, or hearing your toddler sing at the top of his lungs. Nothing compares to the feeling when your little one fall asleep in your arms. As they get older, to be able to hear them express their own thoughts and looking up to them when they have grown taller than you, or and when they wrap their adult arms around you and tell you they love you.
  3. You have added motivation to take care of YOU. Having children gives you new motivation to take care of yourself physically, spiritually, and mentally. You do it because your children need you to and you want to be the best mom you can be. The result is that you feel better and you have made the giant leap into to the reality that there is a purpose in life that is much bigger than you!
  4. You experience a love you didn’t know existed. How do you describe how big the love is that a parent has for their children? How it saturates every single ounce of who you are. And then, if you have more than one child, the love is heaped right on top of that already overwhelming love that you didn’t know existed. It grows and it is what makes you a family!
  5. As your children grow, you have even more to thank God for. When you see your child learning new things, it really does feel like they are the only children in the world who have reached those milestones. They learn to read, share, love, and serve. They grow into their giftings. And you stand back amazed at these little people and thank God for who they are.
  6. You have built-in teachers. I have a degree in Bible, have taken a few seminary courses, and have helped two children graduate from high school and one graduate from college, but being a parent has taught me more than any other arena of learning I have been a part of. I have learned about Biblical discipline, have had the opportunity to pray for the fruit of the spirit in my life 24/7, and have had the opportunity to read the Bible out loud to little ears, over and over again. I have learned new things such as, the names of all the different kinds of rocks, the names of all the little weeds/flowers, how to play the game of soccer, and how cool it is to pick up random signs off the side of the road and fit them the bedroom decor (is that even legal?!).
  7. You get to be a kid again. Think about it! You can relive (or even experience for the first time!) all the wonderful childhood experiences. You can watch your favorite cartoons, play games, play on the swings and monkey-bars, splash in puddles, and read aloud all your favorite childhood books!
  8. You have more to laugh about. Kids are funny, especially when they are YOUR kids! No matter what age they are, there’s just something about the things that they do and say that can make you laugh like no one else can!
  9. You learn to see life through another person’s eyes. Being a parent allows you to experience life on a richer, fuller level. As you see things through another person’s eyes, you gain fresh perspective. Children tend to live life to it’s fullest because everything is new to them. Our perspective on life changes from the moment we see that pea sized human being on an ultrasound, and continues to change as they grow into the amazing adults God turns them into.

Being a mom is an amazing privilege. A journey like no other. Won’t you join me in thanking God for the gift of motherhood and that He is using it to show us how very much we need Him! And then, take the time, on a daily basis, to verbalize to your children at least one thing that you love about being their mom!