We Will Meet You There!

My MIL passed away. I was planning on writing a post about how she impacted my life, my children’s lives, and how the kind of mom she was impacted my husband. I was going to share about how my family has benefited from the kind of mom she was. I wanted to encourage all moms to not grow weary in your season of motherhood because if you are faithful, the impact is felt for generations.

After we got home home from the funeral,  my daughter shared the following with her friends on facebook. I knew as soon as I read it that she had written the post I had planned on writing. What a blessing to read the heart of my daughter and how her grandma has impacted her life.

Moms, be faithful. Don’t grow weary. God WILL be glorified.

by Brianna Smith

Over the last week, I’ve been thinking about how many wonderful memories are associated with you. Too many to recount. And the reason they are good memories is because you are a beautiful person, and each memory is a little glimpse of that beauty.Breakfast at your house was always a highlight. Giant, heaping bowls of Basic 4 Cereal and as much cinnamon raisin toast as one could devour (8 year old Brianna heaven). And the breakfast routine was never complete until you and Grandpa had prayed through your list of family, friends, and missionaries that was alphabetized, memorized, and ever-growing.

You demonstrated the beauty of faithful prayer.

“Use it up, wear it out; make it do, or do without.” That was your life motto. To be sure, it was a bit laughable sometimes-even you would admit that the the empty margarine containers should probably be thrown away-but no one could ever accuse you of waste or carelessness.

You demonstrated the beauty of good stewardship.

At the same time, your stewardship was not accompanied by stinginess. You and Grandpa remain the standard of generosity in my mind. Always giving to those in need. Always supporting a new missionary and faithfully supporting some for literally decades on end. I cannot count the times you and Grandpa have willingly and joyfully helped my family financially.

You demonstrated the beauty of a generous spirit.

You taught me how to use your old typewriter. I wrote my first (and only) book on that machine, and I was so proud as I handed over my 3 page masterpiece and eagerly awaited your praise. You also let me dig through your sewing kit, then applauded me as I sewed random buttons to random quilt squares and called them “doll blankets” or “handkerchiefs.” You taught me your mad pie baking skills (great, now my mouth is watering), and some of my favorite Grandma-time was standing on a kitchen chair, pressing dough into the pie tin.

You demonstrated the beauty of ungrudgingly giving of one’s time.

You were one of the most supportive wives and mothers I have ever encountered. Every story I’ve heard from Dad’s childhood reveals that you were always there – keeping up your home, cheering at every sports event, encouraging your children through school. Oh, and I don’t remember you ever saying one negative word about Grandpa.

You demonstrated the beauty of a godly helpmate.

You loved the Lord. You loved singing hymns to and about Him. You regularly attended church and ministered to its members. You prayed constantly and read His Word faithfully. Your deep, tireless love for your husband, children, and grandchildren was a clear reflection of the love that Christ had poured out into your heart (Hebrews 5:5).

You demonstrated the beauty of Christ.

We love you, and–in the words of Aunt Marlene–“We’ll meet you there!