Tune in to Your Kids Using Modern Technology

In this age of technology, much of what we do includes the use of the computer or cell phone. It’s easy to be distracted by what is now an ever-present pull, easily accessible, and seemingly urgent.

Modern technology is much more than a distraction, though, and it can be used for good! Because of the technology we  have, there are many creative ways to use it to tune in and communicate with our children.

4 Ways to Tune in to Your Kids Using Modern Technology
  1. Text them: The cell phone can be a wonderful way to keep in touch. As soon as your children get a cell phone, start texting them.  Like a note in a lunch box or on their pillow. Like a whisper in their ear:”Just checking in.” “I love you.” “I’m proud of you.” “I’m thankful for you.” “When will you be home?” It’s just another way you can tune in and connect with them.
  2. Be a blessing while teaching moderation: Yes, like anything else, texting can be overused, abused, and all consuming. But it can also be used to bless, connect, encourage, and build up our children. It can be used as a training opportunity when we  model and teach moderation in all things. I’m looking for ways to connect with my children and the younger generation. If I don’t, the gap will widen and I’ll lose touch.
  3. Purpose to understand technology: Another way we can tune in, is by making an effort to understand the world of technology our children are growing up in. Don’t complain about it as if it is the downfall of the generation (as if we didn’t have anything that distracted us when we were young!). Don’t talk about your generation as if they did everything right and the present generation as if they do everything wrong. We need to be  careful not to criticize all the latest trends. Make the time to get to know the things that your children are interested in.
  4. Keep up with the times: We’re living in a time when we have so many opportunities and ways to tune in and connect with our kids. Rather than seeing the latest technology as something that is unnecessary, we can choose to see it as a blessing. Rather than saying, “When I was your age, we didn’t have cell phones…” we can understand that the way the world communicates today is light years different than even a decade ago.

Even though my children are now grown, I continue to look for ways to tune in. I don’t think that will ever end no matter what season of life I’m in. Yes, it does take time, creativity, and sometimes I have to take time to learn something new.

Our children are worth the effort though…don’t you think?