Life Goals

To be more preoccupied with my internal beauty than I am on any physical beauty that is fading quickly. To be captivated and controlled – heart, mind, and spirit – by the Holy Spirit. To put my hope in God and His promises rather than any human authority or leader. To be authentically and aggressively […]

Ahhhh! Triumph!

The setting is a quiet waiting room. Sitting in a hard plastic chair, I patiently wait for my turn to be seen by the doctor. Listening intently for my name to be called, I am surrounded by people who are reading magazines, watching the news, or staring at thier phones. Suddenly an elderly woman, her white […]

When Time Seems To Stand Still

It’s late in the afternoon and I am busily preparing dinner.  The kitchen window is open. We’ve been given a spring-like day in the middle of winter and the fresh air has filled the room, pleasantly  mixing  with the aroma of  dinner cooking in the oven.  Breaded chicken breast smothered in tangy Italian sauce and […]